• Easy Grip Steering Wheel
    It’s not just that it’s thick, contoured and textured for easy gripping. It’s not even that we integrated a scorecard holder and a pencil holder into the design. It’s the way we carefully positioned the pencil holder to avoid scratched wrists and torn golf gloves. That’s what we mean by attention to detail.
  • Hybricore Chassis
    How do you make a chassis nearly 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger? We mated an automotive, ladder-style, 100% robotically welded steel frame, protected by an 18-step paint process, to a polypropylene structural floor. It’s unique design provides added strength and protects the battery.
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    You’re about maintaining the course, not the car. So this one boasts the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The lowest. Period.
  • Maintenace Free Rack and Pinion Steering
    Steering this nimble and responsive was once found only on high-performance sports cars. Our version is permanently greased with sealed bearings and is virtually maintenance free.
  • Removable Floorboard Access Panel
    Forget the floor jack for inspecting the brake and accelerator pedals. This access panel makes it easy. Integrated brushes prevent debris and foreign objects from entering.
  • Virtually Greaseless Chassis
    Sealed bearings, automotive grade tie-rods and permanently lubricated steering components that never need greasing save you time and money. That’s smart design.
  • Easy to Clean Durable One Piece Floor Mat
    The point was to make it easy to clean. So we made it one piece, covering the floorboard and footrest area. We made it from durable, textured rubber to provide cushioned comfort for the occupants.
  • Most Reliable Warranty in the Industry
    The DRIVE® comes with a 4-year limited warranty.* The Trojan batteries come with one of the industry’s best, a limited 4-year or 1,000 round warranty. And if anything should go wrong—hey, you’re dealing with Yamaha. We’re going to make it right.
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Height (with suntop)
  • Wheel Base
  • Front Wheel Tread
  • Rear Wheel Tread
  • Minimum Ground Clearance
Engine / Drive Train
  • Engine Type
    Yamaha built, low emission single cylinder 60° incline OHV
  • Displacement
    357 cc
  • Bore x Stroke
    85 x 63mm
  • Horsepower
    11.4 HP (8.5 Kw/3500 rpm)
  • Compression Ratio
  • Lubrucation System
    Splash style positive oil lubrication
  • Oil Capacity
    1 U.S. quart (1 liter, 1000 cc)
  • Air Cleaner
    Two stage, urethane-foam pre-cleaner and high-capacity pleated paper cartridge
  • Cooling System
    Forced Air
  • Fuel System
    Electronic fuel injection
  • Ingnition System
    Battery coil ignition
  • Transaxle
    Mechanical, 2 rear wheel
Power Supply / Drive Train
  • Motor
    STANDARD: Hitachi 48-volt high-efficiency, shunt wound motor with internal solid state tachometer
  • Output Rating
    2.6 kW (3.5 hp) for 30 minutes
  • Motor Control Unit
    STANDARD: Yamaha-built solid state microprocessor with high-efficiency MOSFET switching. 270 amp armature output, 20 amp field output OPTIONAL: Solid state DC microprocessor-controlled MOSFET switching. 400 amp armature output, 30 amp field output (must be ordered in conjunction with optional GE 48-volt motor)
  • Transaxle
    EnduraDrive™ direct coupled transaxle equipped with high-precision helical gears, 12.49:1 drive axle ratio
  • Batteries
    STANDARD: Six 8-volt Trojan T875 Batteries OPTIONAL: Eight 6-volt Trojan T105 Batteries
  • Charger
    YAMAHA-built automatic microprocessor-based high frequency switching regulated charger.
  • Frame
    HybriCore™ Chassis features a robotic welded automotive ladder-style steel frame mated to a polypropylene structural floor. Frame is protected with a multi-step full-immersion phosphate treatment, electro-deposition epoxy-based coating, and a electrostatic applied polyester/urethane powder topcoat
  • Body
    Front: Custom-formulated thermoplastic olefin painted with a two-part top coat of high-luster automotive-grade polyurethane Rear: Powder coat aluminum
  • Steering
    Self-compensating double reduction helical rack-and-pinion, permanently lubricated with sealed bearings and greaseless tie-rod ends
  • Front Suspension
    Tru-Trak II™ fully independent automotive-style strut suspension
  • Rear Suspension
    Unit swing arm with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Brakes
    Self adjusting rear drum
  • Seating
    Seamless, fabric-backed vinyl bonded to pure, virgin foam contoured seat cushions and mated to a warp and moisture resistant polypropylene bottom, strengthened with plated steel inserts
  • Max Speed (Petrol)
  • Max Speed (Electric)
    STANDARD: 24 km/h
  • Max Reverse Speed (Petrol)
    18.4 km/h
  • Max Reverse Speed (Electric)
    8.1 km/h
  • Turning Radius
    3.4 m
  • Dry Weight (Petrol)
  • Dry Weight (Electric Less Batteries)
  • Cargo Box Material
    Powder coated Aluminum
  • Cargo Box Capacity
  • Cargo Bed Size
    1,829 mm L x 1,219 mm W x 178 mm H
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    22 Litres
  • Tyre Size
    18.50 x 8.50-8.00 DOT (6-ply rating)
  • Available Paint Colours
  • Available Seat Colour
    Black, Stone
  • Available Top Colour
  • Warranty
    Standard 2 year limited vehicle warranty